"Enjoyment of skiing is based on the foundation of a solid and clean basic technique that underlies an ambitious skier."

Modern skiing style...

..begins with the mind.

Smooth, sporty and efficient skiing is a dream of many snow sports enthusiasts. To achieve this, the prerequisite is to develop a good ski technique. Through professional teaching concepts and approaches, success will come much faster.
Skifahren mit Genuss – moderne Skitechnik als Fundament!

Service is very important

Whether beginner or professional. Each person is individually catered to in order to achieve the greatest possible improvement and thus more fun skiing.

Skitechnik auf ein neues Level heben!

Möchten Sie besser werden & dabei noch Spass haben?

Ski technique - Video - Analyses

On request, I am also happy to carry out technical video analyses. I have a wide range of cameras in my repertoire. For example, in Super Slo Motion to better recognise ingrained patterns and to learn a more efficient and better skiing technique through targeted corrections and exercises.